Laser Technology

  • Ideal for logos, insignias and short messages
  • Permanent etching that will never fade or peel
  • Laser etching can be placed anywhere on the mat surface, but limited to 4” x 4” perimeter
  • There is a $100 set up fee and $10 per mat etching cost
  • Mat colors available to etch are gray, brown and black

Smart Step offers mat customization. Whether you’re looking to bring more branding into your space or customizing a pattern to match already established themes, we can work with you to create the perfect mat.

Smart Step can customize mats by creating unique molds that will provide a distinctive surface design. Smart Step also offers laser etching to customize mats to prevent theft and improve branding within company walls.

Mold Technology

  • An injection mold is created specifically for each project - Smart Step assumes the cost of all set-up and mold creation
  • There is a minimum requirement of 1000 mats per mold
  • Colors can be mixed and matched to reach the 1000-piece minimum
  • Mats can be shipped bulk flat on a pallet, in brown shipper boxes or in customer packaging

“It has never been our vision to be the biggest, just the best!”

- Smart Step Flooring Owner,
Daniel Bouzide