Smart Step is proud to offer industry-leading comfort and support to the animal professional. Veterinarians and groomers spend the majority of the day on their feet, tending to animals who need their full attention. Smart Step Therapeutic Mats reduce fatigue from standing to increase energy and concentration in order to give the animals the most attentive care, while the standing professional gets relief and support for their back, knees, ankles and feet. Smart Step mats are 99.3% anti-microbial by design so they can be sanitized and won’t harvest bacteria. The 20 degree beveled edge prevents tripping, and allows equipment to easily roll on and off. In addition to providing mats for the professional, we also offer mats that benefit the animals. Our mats work well for floor treatments (chemotherapy, laser therapy, rehabilitation, etc.) as well as on exam, operating, and grooming tables.

“It has never been our vision to be the biggest, just the best!”

- Smart Step Flooring Owner,
Daniel Bouzide