What our Clients are Saying

“The staff loves the mats! The rest of the floor is concrete so the mats are a welcome relief. Thank you for getting them to us so quickly.”

John Cameron Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

“The dealers love the mats! I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews. Thanks!”

Jeff Fletcher Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

“I spoke with one our employees last night and she was raving about her new floor mat. She said “it’s like standing on air”. Thank You.

Greg Van Stone MGM/Mirage Resorts

“The mats are great and I have had nothing but positive feedback! These mats are much better than the ones we were using. I think the best comment I have heard so far from one co-worker was: “The whole floor should be made of these mats!”

Kevin P Colling/Supervisory Transportation Security Officer DHS/TSA Burlington International Airport

Additional Testimonies